Hundred Islands (Bolinao)

2D1N Bolinao + Hundred Islands Itinerary

Day 0

11:00PM– Assembly
11:30PM– ETD Manila – Bolinao, Pangasinan


Day 1

06:00AM ETA In Bolinao, Pangasinan. Bfast @ Aldoras Restaurant (Pax Own Acct)
07:00AM Start Of Bolinao Tour
Enchanted Cave (optional. entrance on pax own)
St. James Church
Bolinao Lighthouse
12:00NN Lunch @ Sungayan Grill Floating Restaurant (pax wwn acct)
1:30PM Continuation of tour
Patar Beach
Bolinao Falls (if time permits. entrance fee of 50 per person and trike ride to/from falls is on pax wwn acct. This site is optional)
04:00PM Travel To Alaminos
05:30PM Check In Accomm (trancient/homestay)
06:20PM Dinner (pax own)


Day 2

06:00AM Breakfast on pax own acct.
07:00AM Early check out. travel to Lucap Wharf, buy packed lunch
07:30AM Arrive at hundred islands tourist welcome center, register and fill-up the passenger manifest start of islands hopping tour
Visit: Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, Marcos Island (Imelda Cave) and Childrens Island, Lopez Island and other Islands
12:00NN Lunch (pax acct)
01:00PM End of Island hopping, take a showernat the paid shower (pax own acct)
02:00PM Souvenir Hunting
02:30PM ETD Pangasinan to Manila (sidetrip to manaoag church) optional. if time permits. additional 100/pax for extra fuel and drivers fee)
11:00PM ETA Manila

Balinao Hundred Islands sites:

  • Enchanted Cave (optional. fee on pax own)
  • Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
  • St Jame Church
  • Patar White Beach
  • Bolinao Falls (optional. fee on pax own)
  • Lunch @ Sungayan Grill Floating
  • Resto (meals on pax own)
  • Governor’s Island
  • Marcos Island
  • Imelda’s Cave
  • Coral Gardens
  • Quezon Island
  • Children’s Island
  • Cuenco Cave + other Islands
  • Manaog Church (optional. additional 150/pax for extra fuel and drivers fee)
Package Inclusions
  • RT van transfer from (Manila – Bolinao – Alaminos – Manila)
  • Driver’s meals and accomodation/toll & parking fees/fuel
  • 2 days and 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights accommodation in Bolinao or Alaminos (homestay, common CR)
  • Bolinao day tour (1 st day)
  • Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
  • St. James Church
  • Patar White Beach
  • Enchanted cave (optional activity only fees on pax acct viewing only. 150/pax, swimming. 200/pax)
  • Bolinao falls (if time permits, optional activity only entrance fe 50/pax & trike ride to/from falls is on pax own acct)
  • Lunch @ sungayan grill floating resto is on pax own acct)
  • Alaminos hundred islands (island hopping) 2 nd day
  • Governor’s Island
  • Marcos Island
  • Imedal’s Cave
  • Corals Garden
  • Quezon Island
  • Children’s Island
  • Cuenco Cave + other Island
  • Manaoag Church – (optional. if time
    permits. addtl 100/pax for extra fuel and drivers fee)
  • Service boat and crew for island hopping
  • Use of life jacket (during boat ride only for island hopping)
  • Environmental fee for island hopping
  • Bolinao falls fees (if time permits optional activity only. entrance fee 50/pax & trike ride to/from falls is on pax own acct)
  • Manaoag church (optional if time permits, additional 100/pax for extra fuel and drives fee)
  • Use of shower room in lucap wharf (20/pax)
  • Use of snorkles and life vest during swimming (optional you can bring your own)
  • Fees for the activies in the island. ex. snorkeling and zip line (optional activity only. you may or may not avail activities in the islands)
  • Travel insurance (this is compulsory, this will be added to your total bill)
Package Exclusions
  • All meals
  • Enchanted cave (optional activity only. fees on pax pwn acct. viewing only. 150/pax, swimming. 200/pax)
Day Tour (no tour coordinator)

850/PAX – 14PAX
920/PAX – 13PAX
950/PAX – 12PAX
1,050/PAX – 11PAX
1,250/PAX – 10PAX
1,350/PAX – 9PAX
1,550/PAX – 8PAX
1,850/PAX – 7PAX
2,150/PAX – 6PAX
2,550/PAX – 5PAX
2,960/PAX – 4 PAX

Hundred Islands Day Tour (no tour coordinator)

1,050/PAX – 14PAX
1,150/PAX – 13PAX
1,250/PAX – 12PAX
1,350/PAX – 11PAX
1,450/PAX – 10PAX
1,650/PAX – 9PAX
1,850/PAX – 8PAX
2,050/PAX – 7PAX
2,250/PAX – 6PAX
2,550/PAX – 5PAX
3,220/PAX – 4 PAX

2D1N Bolinao + Hundred Islands Day Tour (no tour coordinator)
  • 1,750/PAX – 14PAX
  • 1,950/PAX – 13PAX
  • 2,050/PAX – 12PAX
  • 2,150/PAX – 11PAX
  • 2,350/PAX – 10PAX
  • 2,550/PAX – 9PAX
  • 2,750/PAX – 8PAX
  • 3,150/PAX – 7PAX
  • 3,520/PAX – 6PAX
  • 3,850/PAX – 5PAX
  • 4,450/PAX – 4PAX
3D2N Bolinao + Hundred Islands
  • 2,550/PAX – 14PAX
  • 2,650/PAX – 13PAX
  • 2,850/PAX – 12PAX
  • 3,050/PAX – 11PAX
  • 3,250/PAX – 10PAX
  • 3,450/PAX – 9PAC
  • 3,850/PAX -8PAX
  • 4,250/PAX – 7PAX
  • 4,350/PAX – 6PAX
  • 5,250/PAX – 5PAX
  • 6,250/PAX – 4PAX

Hundred Islands

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